About Charlotte Morris

As a Licensed Massage Therapist (LMT) and a former Nationally-ranked triathlete and 2006 Ironman World Championship finisher, as well as an accomplished equestrian, Charlotte understands an athlete’s needs. Charlotte has worked on riders and horses for FEI, USDF, USEF, NCHA, NRHA, NRCHA. Included in this list are the reiners making the WEG team and Rolex competitors. She wants to see her clients, whether two legged or four legged, succeed and to be able to perform their sport to the best of their ability. She also enjoys seeing horse and rider work as a fluid and smooth team.

Too often an athlete will ignore an ache or pain and then the body compensates for this, leading up to a major injury. Charlotte wants to prevent this from happening.

Bonaire 016

Charlotte Morris providing Massage Therapy on a horse

Having traveled the world and spent quite some time sailing on cruise ships and sailboats, she is very happy now with “ranch life”.  Her interests include working out, cycling, riding her reining mare or eventing gelding or just handling any of the other horses. Her cats are a passion, as are art and photography.

Charlotte is usually accompanied by her Husky/Shepard dog Ace. She is an icon at the Texas and Oklahoma NRHA shows as well as local Texas reinings, cuttings and three day eventing shows.

“Muscles in Motion”

Charlotte is available for clinics ranging from Rider Flexibility, Saddlefitting, or the unique and visually stunning “Muscles in Motion” where she paints the skeleton and muscles on a horse and wears a leotard with the same on her as she rides.

She doesn’t just make a horse or person feel better but looks for the causes of discomfort and gives the owner a program of rehabilitation to repair it. Her goal is to have a horse back to work as quickly and safely as possible while saving the owner money with education of how to keep the horse sound. She works closely with veterinarians and farriers.


Her own stories of her rehabilitation of her horse Sam (a former Breeder’s Cup nominated horse) that could not walk and was scheduled to be put down, and her cat, Jake, born with a twisted leg.  Sam is now sound; Jake has an almost straight leg and no limp.